Do you know how to find the sewer lines? It’s an important question. And it’s one you should be able to answer before you start digging. Because one wrong move could spell disaster for your next remodeling job. Imagine starting a dig only to cut right through a customer’s sewer line. Sewer water floods the home. Everyone starts to panic… And worse?

Your reputation takes a hit

It’s not a pretty picture.
That’s why line locating is so vital.
Line locating helps you see sewer lines and other underground fixtures that other methods miss.
When you schedule your line locating service with Vortex Sewer, you’ll get a map of the sewer lines and other structures. This helps you avoid costly errors that could harm your business and credibility.

Benefits of line locating for contractors

  • Dig with confidence. You’ll feel confident knowing you are digging safely.
  • Protect your reputation.

Don’t let costly errors put your business at risk.

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