Home Inspection

Get a detailed inspection of all the systems in your home along with any
recommendations that will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a
blueprint for your future.

Vortex offers the most comprehensive home inspection available. Best of all, our services don’t end with the inspection. For as long as you own your home, you can call with any questions you have – at no extra charge!

Making sure you have all the information before you make such a significant decision simply makes sense. You can count on Vortex Inspection Group to give you the unbiased, professional opinion you need, when you need it.

Our top to bottom inspection starts with the roof. Not only do we evaluate the condition of the roof’s surface, we also inspect the chimney, the ventilation system, the electrical service entrance, the plumbing stack, and any other systems or components located covering the home.

Next we inspect the exterior of the home. We use a macro and micro approach to look at both the big picture and all the details. We will conduct a detailed inspection of the overall condition of the property’s exterior and report issues such as damage with the walls, such as stucco, plaster, wood, etc.  We inspect the windows and doors to see if they are secure, or have cracks, weather stripping or other openings. We will also look at the landscaping to make sure grass and garden is healthy, trimmed and maintained.

We then move inside the house to inspect the interior. Starting at the bottom, we meticulously work our way up through the home into the attic. We address such things as the structure of the walls, beams, ceilings to make sure there is no damage or potential problems. We inspect the heating and cooling systems, the electrical, the plumbing, the insulation and ventilation, and any accessories such as fireplaces.

Once our inspection is completed, we will provide you a detailed inspection report, which includes descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements. This will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a blueprint for your future in the home.


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