Want to grow your business? Make sure you include sewer inspections in your home inspection.
Without them, you could be putting your business at risk. Imagine completing an inspection and telling your customers the home is safe. But when they move in, the pipes break and sewage destroys the home. Not only did you just hurt your customer, but you also hurt your reputation.

After sewage water fills their home and costs them thousands, do you think they’ll use you again? Not a chance.

In fact, they’ll probably go out of their way to tell everyone how bad you are. But when you include sewer inspections, you send your customers a clear message. It tells them, “we care.” And when you care, your customers will care too.

Save someone from buying a bad house and they’ll tell their friends how amazing you were. And their friends will tell their friends.The result? More customers and a reputation that people trust.

Benefits of sewer inspections for Home Inspectors:

  • Protects your business and reputation.
  • Grows your business. Imagine how happy your customers will be when you save them from buying a bad home–they become loyal customers.

Ready to grow your business?

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