Buying or selling a home is stressful. Buyers want to find the right home. Sellers want to get the best price. And then there’s you, the real estate agent. Your clients come to you for peace of mind and direction. More than just an agent, you’re a trusted advisor. But if you’re not advising your clients on the benefits of sewer inspections, you could be letting them down.

Imagine advising a client on a selling price without checking the sewer lines. If the buyer conducts their own sewer inspection and finds a problem, the seller can no longer ask the same price as before. You’ve now lost negotiating power.

As an agent, this makes you look bad. Your client might lose confidence in you. Or worse, go with a different agent. You want to know the exact condition of the home’s sewer lines before you advise your clients. This goes for all your listings. When you do, you can give your clients the peace of mind they need. And the leverage.

Benefits of sewer inspections for real estate agents:

  • Be seen as a trusted advisor. You’ll be known as the realtor who goes above and beyond above for their clients.
  • Gain negotiating power. Use sewer inspections to gain leverage for buyers or sellers at closing.
  • Feel confident knowing the exact condition of your home listings.

Don’t let sewer line problems ruin your business.

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